I think that Rin is filling in all the right places (¬‿¬)


I think that Rin is filling in all the right places (¬‿¬)

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There’s no favorites. 

       Just one stubborn pain. 

S t a r e s.

     You can try to resist, prey, but it’s no use.
Shark’s already on the move.


【腐】Free! by 白雪 蓮
※ Permission to upload this picture was granted by the artist


【腐】Free! by 白雪 蓮

※ Permission to upload this picture was granted by the artist




She’s pretty sure he doesn’t need to hear the usual, I don’t care about times, so Haru opts to give a one-shoulder shrug instead - while simultaneously moving to the starting block as well. Of course. 

”- Fine.” Goggles back on. “Who’s counting?”

His smirk widens once he sees the other swimmer silently get to the next block.
     Heh. She’s so easy to get fired up these days — putting on that cool face and all, but Rin can see the little flicker in her baby blues. Those eyes cannot lie. Good try, Haru-chan.

"On the count of three! Loser’s gotta buy shaved ice for both!” he chimes and takes his position.
     ”One. Two. Twoooo…. and a half. Two…. and a ¾. Three! GO!




     ”O-Oh really? What’m I being charged with officer?” Haruka asked, curiosity and anticipation alight in his eyes as he gazed up from where his cheek was pressed against the crumpled top of one of his cafe tablecloths.

"I'm afraid Mr. Chef's little boutique is open for longer hours than allowed upon this holiday,” the officer stated firmly, lips curving into a smile as he held the man down against the table with a palm pressed on his back.
     A rapid metallic clack sounded in the café, the whole scene capturing its customers’ attention as Rin proceeded to cuff the cook’s wrists.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I’m gonna have to take Mr. Culinary Artist here back to the station,” he announced to the curious looks before pulling his dark-haired victim up with a harsh tug.

Leaning over the man’s shoulder, he hums against the back of his ear so silently that no other ears could hear.
     ”If you were to ask me, I’d let you stay all open twenty-four hours a day… if you catch my drift.”

And with that, officer Rin guided the man outside and into his car.

stupid aus


  • reached into the wrong popcorn bucket au
  • friends at orphanage but ended in separate families au
  • hugged wrong person from behind au
  • "sorry do you have soap?" au
  • debate rivals au
  • stranger talks you out of suicide au
  • same name at starbucks au
  • shows up at wrong funeral au
  • reaches for the last anime poster at the same time au
  • high school cheating partners au
  • friend finds your tumblr au
  • bus stranger sees you reading the smut they wrote au
  • ice cream business competition au
  • tries to crunch the same leaf au
  • smacked someone in the face with your backpack au
  • pop star and critic au
  • brings wrong book to book signing au
  • "you look like the person i got married to in my dream" au
  • stranger’s pet bird flies through your window au
  • stripper arrives at wrong house au


Art by さておき


Art by さておき

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que tous tes désirs se réalisent


     With a soft creak the boy reclined back into the wooden chair, his knee drawn into his chest and his gaze focused steadily on the shore. The terrace was indeed where Rin would find him after all; the brunet had managed to take residency at a smaller table in the far corner near the railing. Haruka was enjoying the view at his seat in the same manner he derived happiness from the view outside of the Misagozaki shrine. Bother were successful at establishing in him a sense of peace, which he couldn’t have been more gracious of then at this moment.

     Haru just couldn’t seem to get that snide comment out of his head.

     Could it be possible that Rin hadn’t noticed the brunet’s growing attempts at openness and amiability, or was Haru really still that predictive shut-off person he’d been a year ago? Was Haruka reading too much into the statement, picking it apart and putting it together in ways that preserved none of the original intent? Maybe. Still, the possibility pained him in a way that he had a hard time accepting.

     The free-stylist, of course, accepted that the efforts he had labored over appeared small in comparison to those of his peers; but they had been no small feat for Haru himself. The turbulence triggered by various conflicts and resolutions that characterized his friendship with Rin had successfully made it clear to Haru that change was necessary; for his own growth and for those of his friendships. The brunet had been honest with himself, and the bricks of his walls he had so carefully laid he began removing, piece by piece.

     For the team, they had said. And so he had agreed. 

     Was he just not moving fast enough?

     Nostalgia set in. Haru was becoming used to it, and closed his eyes at the memory.  It was a line from his childhood he’d also had a hard time not thinking about.

     ”I’m going to swim as fast as him—as fast as Haru!”

     That one had required more than a terrace view and the promise of saba to clear his head. 

     A soft gust of wind tussled his hair, and the soon-to-be eighteen year old breathed it in gratefully, as though he’d just emerged from under the water. Eyes still closed, he tried calming his thoughts through an attempt at placing the scents around him. The world smelled of sea salt and barbecue and petrichor. Curiosity made him open his eyes and look skyward. Would it rain after all?

     His movements fluid, the boy slid the zipper up the tracks of his jacket to it’s end, keeping the cooler temperatures the breeze was bringing in at bay. The action itself succeeded at drawing his attention back to the present, and it was as though the hum of people and nearer conversations had a volume dial that was slowly being turned from a low to high decibel. Scrunching his nose, Haruka’s cerulean gaze selectively scanned his environment; past the crying children, the elderly, the exhausted expressions of parents…


     And there was Rin. 

     The third-years’ eyes narrowed as he watched him wander, gaze picking apart his every movement. Lean, ascetic, confident, the other navigated the crowd with the tenor of a field-marshal, and Haruka drank in his friends’ subtle eccentricities; how he maneuvered around everyone, the way his arms raised and lowered to balance the plates he was carrying, his own searching gaze.

     His scrutiny was fleeting, and soon Haru forced his hand in a subtle wave, attempting to capture the redheads attention. After all, it wasn’t every day he saw Rin in an element outside of their friendship; outside of swimming. The brunet took advantage of these stolen observations when he could, as though they held a clue on how to make himself more transparent to his companion.

The afternoon sun shone lower and the terrace bathed in its warm orange glow, and Rin, hands full with their dinner, had to squint as he stepped on the wooden porch and looked for his companion.
     However, the air was getting rather brisk so close by the bay; murky, puffy clouds were drawn towards the land by the wind blowing from the open sea, and among them peeked gaps of deep and clear cerulean.
     Perhaps it would rain before sundown.

Rin was surprised to find Haruka one of the only few people still bracing themselves, zipping their coats up to eat by the beautiful view. The stifling warmth, loud chatter and full aromas of the food tent changed to the scent of sea salt and distant sounds of sea gulls gliding aimlessly above the shore.
     A smile tugged his lips and he made his way to the other, silently glad the ravenet had chosen a table further from the interrupting noises. Rin was afraid such racket would dishearten their conversation altogether — their communication was still far too withdrawn in nature to outweigh such distraction, and they’d end up finishing their meals without much being said.

"Here ya go," the redhead placed their plates upon the table, along with two bottles of water and glasses, breathing out a small 'phew' once he got the whole set safely down.
     He sat opposite his friend, grabbing two pairs of chopsticks to hand ones to Haru.

Glancing at the other — half of Haruka’s face gleamed in the sunlight, the boy’s blue eyes flickering and reflecting, oddly, both the colors of the sky and the reddish shades of the sunbeams —Rin blinked, noticing the swimmer’s zipped-up jacket.

"Are you cold?" he inquired softly, figuring soon after there wasn’t much he himself was wearing either. Well — he was probably the more warm-blooded (and hot-headed in every sense) out of the two. He’d be fine. But if Haru would catch a cold the night before his special day…
     Wouldn’t that be a fiasco.

"Hey, I’ll give you my scarf if you want."

For once, surprisingly, Rin had voluntarily chosen fish as well, out of the narrow variety of sea foods served at the place. Somehow it felt right and good to eat the same thing as Haru tonight; a stupid thought, he’d scoffed to himself — doing so nonetheless.

"Watch out, the food’s really hot," he hummed, gazing hungrily at the dish before him. "Hope it’s gonna warm you up!"

friendly reminder that even if i take ages to reply, i still want to roleplay with you

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To stare at you as you swim.


     "Just thought a dip in the outdoor pool would do good every once in a while. Mind if I join?"


”- Go ahead.” Shrugs.

Snapping his goggles on, Rin throws the girl a tiny smirk. She’s nice to look at in the water, sure, but it’s even better to….
          "Race,” he steps on the starting block.
          “How about it, Haru? Have you improved?”

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"Do you have to go?" /yo~


departure meme starters


   “I'm just going to the washroom, Rin,” Haru states flatly, a quizzical look underlying his typically nonchalant expression. Hand on the door knob of his room, his gaze flits briefly between his friend and the tv screen illuminating the dimly lit space; Haru hopes that Rin doesn't catch the tiny quirk of his lips — he'd rather not get into a brawl with the taller swimmer right now ( or ever, actually ).
            “…Pause the movie until I get back if you’re too scared to watch it on your own.”

"Tsk, I’m not scared.
          He might have clung to Haru’s sleeve when the axe murderer appeared from behind the corner, but really, that was just simply out of human reflex. Nothing funny about it.

Huffing, Rin still went and reached for the remote, pausing the film and slumping deeper as he sat, arms crossing over his chest.
          "I just don’t wanna miss your priceless face when something spooky happens. Hurry up.”